September 20, 2022
HVAC Unit During AC Repair in San Antonio, TX

An air conditioning unit uses motors to move both air and refrigerant and remove the heat inside a building. The motor is used to run the compressor, which moves coolant between two coils, changes its pressure, and ensures it evaporates and condenses in its appropriate coil. An AC motor may break down due to overheating, old age, or improper maintenance, leading to the air conditioning unit becoming ineffective. Such an issue often requires an AC technician to diagnose and repair the problem. Here is a guide on how these technicians replace AC unit motors.

Conducting an Inspection

The technician will first inspect your air conditioning unit to determine the type of motor present and the level of damage. It helps determine the exact specifications of the replacement motor and the installation method. An inspection is crucial because many brands of air conditioners have different parts configurations, so installing the wrong motor could damage the whole unit.

Switching Off the Power

It is crucial to shut down the power appropriately before repair work begins. In typical cases, the shutdown button and the disconnect panel are on your home’s wall near the air conditioning unit. If the case is different, the technician can shut down power to the air conditioner using the main power panel in the building. The technician does this to avoid electrocution while working on the unit.

Removing Clutter and Opening the Grille

Dust, dirt, leaves, and other debris will inevitably get onto the outside condenser over time. The technician cleans the surface to make it easier to open the grille. The protective grille, also called the cover form, is now carefully removed by unscrewing the screws holding it in place and lifting its edges to pull it away from the wall. The removal method will depend on your model as some covers have clips at the top and holders at the bottom.

Cleaning the AC Fins

Air conditioner fins are very delicate and can bend easily, leading to damage. To avoid damaging the fins, the technician uses a specially designed fin comb to remove debris from the fins. A fin comb is a tool made with soft bristles to clean the fins in an AC unit delicately. The motor is directly beneath the fins, so the technician can conveniently remove it at this point.

Removing the Wiring and the Motor

The motor is attached to the AC unit by switches and wires. The technician carefully hoses down the fins and avoids pulling wires that may cause electrical damage. The technician loosens the wires and opens the switches to remove the motor, its power wires, and mounting bolts. With the damaged motor out, it is time to replace it.

Replacing the Motor

Typically, the technician will replace the motor with a stock motor of the same brand obtained from a supply store. The motor has to match the voltage, RPM, amp draw, diameter, and horsepower of the old motor to ensure it remounts perfectly in the available bracket. When installing the motor, the technician aligns it to its correct rotation, clockwise or counterclockwise, to ensure correct wiring. The motor is mounted, the wiring is connected, and the switches are locked.

Final Touches

The technician installs a new capacitor as recommended and ensures it has the proper rating for that motor. The air conditioner’s grille is attached to enclose the unit. The technician turns the air conditioner back on and ensures that everything is working correctly.

Why Leave AC Motor Replacement to a Professional Technician

As a homeowner, it is often tempting to do your household repairs to avoid expenses. However, keeping your air conditioning system in good working condition is crucial to make your home livable, so you need to ensure that HVAC repairs are done correctly. While AC motor replacement isn’t as complicated as other HVAC repair tasks, hiring a competent technician for the job rather than completing the task yourself is always the best choice. Here are some of the reasons why hiring these professionals is a good investment.

Avoiding Additional Damage

The older your air conditioning system gets, the higher the chance its components are past their prime. On the other hand, new systems have advanced technology, complicating repairs. You can easily do maintenance tasks such as cleaning and changing filters, but technicians should handle tasks requiring dismantling critical components. Attempting to work on equipment that you’re not familiar with can easily lead to more damage and costlier issues.

Minimizing Risks

An air conditioner performs the simple task of maintaining a comfortable temperature within the house. However, to function correctly, the system uses components like chemical coolants and electrical wiring that present significant risks to your personal safety. Messing with electrical wires can lead to electrocution and fire risk while exposure to refrigerants can cause respiratory problems. Considering all these dangers, hiring technicians who can handle repairs is the best option.


It isn’t easy to stay in a building in winter or summer without a working HVAC system. Reaching out to a qualified technician to repair the issue will restore your comfort as soon as possible. Attempting to fix the issue yourself, or even hiring an inexperienced handyman for the task, can end up taking more time and effort. Of course, there is a cost that comes with professional repairs, but the convenience of a quick repair and the peace of mind that comes with knowing the repair was performed correctly are definitely worth it.


An air conditioner is a complex machine with many working parts. Finding the root cause of a problem in an HVAC system requires specialized knowledge and training. Technicians are familiar with most air conditioning brands and know where to look for problematic areas and determine the necessary steps to fix them. The technician will also evaluate the unit and identify other areas requiring attention to guarantee a quality repair service.

Getting Professional Advice

Professional knowledge enables you to determine whether your air conditioner is functioning efficiently. Every household is different; consequently, one must learn about the different air conditioning units to handle and maintain them properly. Technicians hired from a reputable company will advise you on the type of air conditioning system your home needs, how to operate it, and how to keep it maintained. They may also advise on how and when to upgrade your AC system to minimize energy consumption and save on repair costs.

Reach Out for the Help You Need Today

Your air conditioning system is an important part of any home, and maintenance and repairs should be handled by professionals. At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, we have been providing AC maintenance and repairs, as well as installations, in San Antonio and the surrounding area since 1990. Our team also provides repair, maintenance, and installation services for heating systems. If you are worried about your indoor air quality, we can help with that, too. Our other service offerings include air duct cleaning and repair, HVAC system design and customization, and VRF system installation. Contact us today for more information about our services or to set up an appointment.

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