March 1, 2020

The cost of a new HVAC system could run thousands of dollars. That’s why the average homeowner won’t jump at the chance to replace a heating and cooling unit. However, the day will come when doing so will be unavoidable. How close or how far off that day remains depends on several factors.

You don’t have to perform any special magic to extend the life of a heating and cooling system. Following several simple tips could do the job. Here are a few helpful steps to consider.

Prepping for Catastrophic Events

If a catastrophic event occurs, such as a flood, the unit could become totaled. Such events like that are unexpected. That doesn’t mean that devastating results are unavoidable, though.

Proper planning will significantly lower the potential for flood-related damage. How high up is the furnace from the ground? If it’s high enough that even 3 feet of water can’t reach the inside, the flood might not have any effect. People who plan for such disasters may find themselves dodging costly work that might fall under exclusions in a homeowner’s insurance policy or warranty.

Of course, a flood is not the type of event someone expects to deal with on a routine basis. Other issues related to the life of an HVAC system do fall under regular care. If you neglect the system, don’t expect it to survive more than a decade. The homeowner willing to take the extra steps to care for the unit may find that it lasts longer than expected.

Buy the Right HVAC System From the Beginning

The size of your HVAC system must be relative to your home. If the unit is too small for the interior, then it won’t last a healthy service life. An undersized system will struggle to heat and cool the home. Over time, the system will wear from excess strain.

Rushing to choose an HVAC system could lead to inevitable premature failure. If you’re in the market for a replacement, a representative from Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating can help you select the appropriate system.

Change the Filter and Clean the System

Making sure the HVAC system is clean can go a long way toward extending its life. In particular, make sure the filter doesn’t become too dirty or clogged. You might not think timely filter replacements are so critical. However, a system can suffer many problems when the filter isn’t changed periodically.

For one, all the dirt, dust, and other impurities collected on the filter restrict the flow of air. As a result, parts have to work harder to overcome the negative effect the buildup causes. The affected parts can include everything from the blower to the coils and more. When these components work too hard, they run the risk of wearing out quickly. Worse, during the winter, the furnace could overheat due to a clogged filter. Overheating could cause enough damage to destroy the unit.

Besides HVAC installation work, Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating handles repairs, maintenance, and more for homeowners in San Antonio.

Sign Up for a Regular Maintenance Plan

If you’re serious about extending the life of your system, regular tune-ups are a must. A maintenance plan is essentially a contractual agreement with an established HVAC service provider. At specified times during the year, a technician will visit your home to check on the system. A routine cleaning and filter replacement would likely be part of the tune-up. The visit also allows the technician to examine the system for any problems or worn-out parts that you might not know about. Upon discovering any problems, the technician can then recommend necessary repairs. Recommendations on how to avoid repeats of the same problem might be part of the service.

Fixing things at the earliest possible time will deliver the most beneficial result. If a deficiency is fixed right away, things won’t get worse. Problems that continue often lead to more expensive and extensive repairs. In some cases, years could be taken off the life of the system because a quick fix wasn’t done immediately.

A routine service plan has an added benefit homeowners should not overlook. A homeowner doesn’t usually possess any expertise in HVAC systems. That’s why do-it-yourself work is either ill-advised or outright impossible. Taking steps to perform maintenance might not even be the real issue of concern, either. Homeowners may not even know what service should be done and when. By having a professional team perform routine service, you won’t have to worry about anything. Hopefully, problems won’t go undetected, and the necessary work will occur at the right time. This will extend the life of the system and improve energy efficiency.

Don’t Overdo It With Running the System

Being both careful and efficient with the use of the system could go a long way. An HVAC unit, like any other type of machine, relies on moving parts. Wear and tear occur due to both age and use. Reducing the strain on the system by not overdoing it could give those parts and other components a necessary break. Why keep the air conditioner running to keep the temperature down to 60°F when 68°F would be reasonably comfortable? Why leave the heat cranked up to 72°F at times when no one is home? The results of such overuse won’t necessarily turn up right away, but they could have a cumulative effect. By requiring your system to do unnecessary work, you’ll be putting more wear and tear on its parts. This could eventually lead to more repairs.

Also, overdoing it with the HVAC system drives up your energy bills. Anything that wastes energy costs money that could otherwise be put to other uses. Ironically, one use would be to pay for a new HVAC system when the time finally comes to upgrade.

Accepting the Reality About Replacing the HVAC System

At some point, it becomes necessary to accept the reality surrounding the condition of your HVAC system. These units do not last beyond a certain number of years. With proper care, the average unit will last between 15 and 20 years. A poorly maintained HVAC could falter before the manufacturer’s suggested life span. Take that as another reason to invest in routine maintenance and inspections. A service technician can give you insight into how much longer your system could reasonably last.

Knowing when the end time for the equipment is coming allows you to better prepare for purchasing a replacement. Last-minute purchases might occur on an emergency basis, which is not always the preferable way to do things. Knowing when the unit will be ready to go allows you to search for the best replacement at the right price. Avoid scenarios where the equipment breaks down unexpectedly at the worst possible time. However, you may be able to apply for financing, allowing you to pay for an installation over time.

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