May 1, 2020

Due to modern technology, running an HVAC unit is easier, more efficient and safer than in the past. Everyone at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating in San Antonio believes these advances are instrumental in saving you money and ensuring a comfortable, relaxing home. Read on to learn more about how modern HVAC systems have changed our lives for the better.

Smart Sensors Ensure an Improvement in Efficiency

One of the biggest technological breakthroughs in HVAC technology is smart sensors. By activating your unit, these sensors ensure more efficiency. You’ve most likely seen many different types of smart sensors. A good example is a movement sensor, which is usually placed on a ceiling. This sensor will only allow your unit to turn on or off when someone is in the room. This means unnecessary costs for cooling or heating are eliminated.

There is also a smart sensor capable of detecting when the temperature in your home is too high or low. The sensor instructs your unit to adjust the temperature accordingly. Smart sensors can detect the quality of your air. If a specific threshold of pollutants is reached, your sensor will emit a warning. Another type of sensor will let you know if your HVAC system is overheating. This will give you the opportunity to call in a professional right away and eliminate potentially expensive repairs.

The Improvements in Ventilation

HVAC units of the past were designed to provide basic air conditioning and ventilation. By decreasing excessive heat, these units helped lower the risk of airborne diseases such as tuberculosis and influenza. In the modern world, there are new threats existing in your home. For this reason, modern technology provides both air conditioning and air purification.

You may not realize that you are being exposed to numerous household allergens. Some of the biggest threats are VOCs (volatile organic compounds), dust, pollen and pet dander. These can cause allergic reactions for the people in your home or make their symptoms worse. Efficient air conditioning significantly decreases these risks by filtering out allergens. All you need to do is schedule regular HVAC maintenance and change your filters when necessary.

The Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a part of smart thermostat technology. This enables your HVAC system to be smarter without any input. An IoT device can determine any changes in your behavior or patterns and adjust accordingly. It’s also capable of learning what time you normally arrive home. This “learning” technology can be used to increase or decrease the home’s temperature, thus eliminating wasteful air conditioning. Modern technology can even determine when there is a malfunction by the noise your HVAC system is making.

Efficient Energy Auditing

We believe that the most impressive technology of modern HVAC systems is the improvement in efficiency. Energy auditing software enables the detection of problem areas in your HVAC unit and inside your home. You can make the necessary adjustments until you can schedule a repair. The more basic auditing accomplishes this through the auto setting. Some systems will issue a warning when a potential issue is detected.

The Beauty of Smart Thermostats

One of the most efficient technologies is the smart thermostat. This allows you to manage the temperature in your home using a tablet, phone or digital thermostat for convenience. If you use your tablet or smartphone, you can adjust the temperature to your comfort level before you return home. Since you’re not heating or cooling an empty home, you’ll save money on your utility bills.

The Effectiveness of AC Water Recirculation

This type of new technology enables the attachment of a special device to your water line. The water draining from your HVAC unit is then recirculated using your cold-water line. This means that the water is recirculated throughout your system. The result is lots of money and energy savings. Since this technology offers you hot water immediately, you can also save valuable time.

The Investment Benefits of Your HVAC

Yes, buying and installing a new HVAC system will cost money. The better the unit, the more you’ll have to pay. However, you should think of this as an investment that will eventually provide a return. A quality system provides comfort and encourages a healthy lifestyle. This ultimately means fewer trips to the doctor. Furthermore, a modern HVAC system adds value to your property. This increased equity can help offset the cost of a new installation.

Selling Your Home

ROI, or return on investment, is important when you sell your home. Inspections and appraisals will be conducted to make certain that your home meets local housing codes. Your home will be more inviting if you have a modern HVAC system. No potential buyer wants to have to replace the HVAC system right after they purchase a home. With a quality heating and cooling unit, you could get a lot more when it’s time to sell.

Better Results

Modern HVAC technology has increased the ventilation options for your home. The way air circulates throughout your home is more efficient to ensure you remain comfortable. You can improve your air quality by using fans and making certain that you change your filter when it is dirty. The result is a more even temperature throughout your entire home.

Receiving Tax Breaks

Due to the trend of going “green,” a lot of local and state governments are offering homeowners tax breaks for efficiently cooling and heating their homes. Not only will you be saving money on your utility bills, but you may also qualify for a tax break by having a new, energy-efficient HVAC system installed.

The Lifespan of Your HVAC

Due to the improvement in technology, HVAC manufacturers have access to higher-quality materials for construction. This means that your HVAC system will operate efficiently for significantly longer than the units of the past. A modern unit will not require as many repairs or as much maintenance. If your HVAC system can manage itself, it will not need to run as often. This decreases wear and tear to ensure a longer life.

Current and Future Benefits

When you have an energy-efficient HVAC system installed in your home, you will see benefits for both the present and future. The decrease in your utility bills may offset the cost of your new unit. Your input will not be required nearly as often, so you’ll save time and headaches. You’ll be making an important improvement in the comfort of your home, and the appeal should transfer if you ever decide to sell.

Professional Service Protects Your Home

At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re ready to help you find the right HVAC system for your home in San Antonio, Texas. We offer all the services you need to make certain that your home is comfortable and energy efficient. Turn to us for services related to air conditioning and heating installation, maintenance and repair. We’re also experienced with ductless AC systems, VRF systems, custom remodels, new construction, duct repair, air duct cleaning and indoor air quality. Call us today to schedule service.

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