April 20, 2021
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The REME HALO Air Purifier is different from all other purifiers in the way it performs. This system purifies indoor air the same way nature purifies outdoor air. When outdoors, lightning activates hydrogen peroxide, which then cleans the atmosphere to leave a natural smell. The REME HALO purifier follows the same principle to leave a natural smell in homes.

What Is the REME HALO Air Purifier, and How Does It Work?

REME HALO is an air purification system by RGF. We install it in the supply plenum of the HVAC in a home. Instead of using a simple filter to trap particles, the system applies Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy, REME, to generate Hydro-Peroxide plasma. The Hydro-Peroxide plasma created has the same effect as lightning to the atmosphere.

The system will then force the plasma through ducts into all spaces in your home. Instead of forcing air into the purification system and filtering out particles, the system sends plasma to all air-conditioned spaces in your home. The plasma actively removes microorganisms, allergens, and smells from the air in your home.

Reme Halo

To remove pollutants, the plasma needs to be within three feet from them. Better still, the system also causes coagulation of particles so that your existing filter can trap and remove them with ease.

RGF updated the REME HALO to produce a highly ionized hydroperoxide, which will kill microorganisms faster than the previous version. The addition of ionized zinc gives the system a powerful disinfectant for surfaces so that the plasma is highly effective.

If you have allergies and breathing problems, the system also helps remove particulates from the air. This makes the air cleaner for breathing and leaves you healthier.

The system comes with a quick-release feature, allowing you to replace the cell with ease. It also has an adjustable shroud that you can use to personalize the plasma output of your system.

What Does the REME HALO Air Purification System Remove?

According to the manufacturer, REME HALO is able to remove all three types of indoor pollutants, which are particulates, microbes, and gases.

The system promises to remove particulates such as pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust. It offers a high-quality filtration system. According to the manufacturer, regular filters are not effective in removing very small particles from the air. So, to rectify this, REME HALO circulates plasma in your conditioned spaces.

The plasma causes the small particles to stick together, making them easier to remove with a regular filter. The heavier particles after coagulation will drop. From tests the manufacturer conducts, the system enhances the performance of a standard filter in removing 0.03 micron particles by 73%.

Besides particulates, the system also removes airborne viruses and bacteria. The manufacturer tested the system with different microbes, including Norwalk and E. coli. From the tests, the manufacturer estimates that the technology can kill up to 99% of mold, bacteria, and viruses.

Oxidized plasma circulates in your conditioned air and can even reduce germs in a sneeze. The technology is fast in destroying microorganisms, and it only needs to be within three feet from the person sneezing. With zinc ion technology, the manufacturer promises that the technology can remove viruses from hard surfaces.

REME HALO is also effective against gases. The system can remove musty smells from the air and replace that with a fresh natural scent. You can use it against smells from cooking, perfume, trash, and cigarette smoke, among others.

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Installing the REME HALO System

Our technicians install the REME HALO in your central air ventilation system. Therefore, you need to have an air vent system to install it. Once installed, the vents will circulate the plasma in your home to purify the air.

You still need your conventional air filtration system. REME HALO helps the installed air purifier trap the smallest particulates that would otherwise pass through the standard filter. It does this by making the particulates stick together by action of the oxidation molecules.

With the particulates larger, the filter is able to trap them. RGF also offers a different system, the REME+ Grounded Collector, which improves air purification by up to 93% when used together with the REME HALO air purification system.

The Use of REME HALO Air Purification System

REME HALO offers whole-house air purification. Instead of having it as a portable unit that cleans air in only small spaces, the system installs in your existing central air vents to clean air. The air purification technology is powerful enough to kill up to 99% of viruses on hard surfaces in your home.

The quick-release feature allows you to replace the cell without hassle. But you can always call Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating for routine maintenance after installation.

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You do not need to replace the cells often as they last between 18,000 and 25,000 hours. Once installed, the system operates silently so that you will only realize its presence from the cleaner air. It’s also a small unit that doesn’t take up so much space. You can adjust the plasma output of the system to accommodate the air purification needs of your home.

The manufacturer has proven through several tests that the system can kill up to 99% of viruses and bacteria. It can deactivate norovirus, H1N1, E. coli, MRSA, fungus, and mold among others. Several hospitals in the U.S and even outside the borders use the air purification system to keep their environs clean. The system has the approval of the FDA, FSIS, and USDA for use in preventing food contamination.

Instead of using harsh chemicals to kill microbes, the system uses oxidation purifiers. These purifiers are considered safe as they naturally occur in the atmosphere after lightning. This means that it offers a purification system that doesn’t leave harmful substances in the air in your home.


Besides its wide use in civilian hospitals around the U.S., REME HALO is also used by the U.S. military field hospitals to remove pollutants in the air and on surfaces.

Cruise lines use the system, too. This is in a bid to stop the spread of diseases, which is common when people are together in closed quarters. Most cruise lines use it to prevent the spread of the Norwalk virus. Commercial buildings also use the system to remove pollutants and make employees more productive.

If you have respiratory issues or allergies, the system makes you feel better. This can also help kids in school who, according to studies, suffer up to eight infections of the breathing system every year.

Food-processing plants and industries can benefit from the system as it kills microbes that cause food spoilage. Some of the microbes that the system deactivates include salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria monocytogenes.

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