November 9, 2021
Heat Conservation in San Antonio, TX

If you are looking for ways to keep your home warmer and save on your heating bills this winter, our staff at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating compiled several tips so you can ensure that you are doing the most possible to keep your home heated well. Whether you have a large home or a small and cozy home, there are many affordable things you can do to make sure that everyone in your home is as comfortable as possible all winter.

Get a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a great way to save money and conserve heat. You can program the thermostat to be lower when there isn’t anyone in your home. You can set a thermostat to come on right before everyone gets home so that it is comfortable when you walk in the door. You can also program your thermostat to set itself at a lower temperature when everyone is asleep. Having lower temperatures while everyone is sleeping can save a lot of money, and it is also more refreshing to have the air cooler as you sleep.

Take Care of Drafts

Before winter, walk around your whole house to see if there are any drafts. It is essential to take care of drafts as they cool down your home, and you will need to spend much more money heating your home if you have drafty areas. Taking care of the drafts in your house will ensure that you do as much as possible to conserve heat. There is rubber and caulking that you can use on windows or other areas of your home if small holes allow outside air into your house.

Replace Your Furnace Filter Regularly

During the winter months, you should check your furnace filter monthly. If it is really dirty, then check the filter more often. If it isn’t very dirty, consider checking it and replacing it every six weeks. Once you know how often your furnace needs a filter, it is crucial to change it so that your furnace works at optimal performance.

Move Your Furniture to Uncover All of the Vents

When it is time for you to start using your furnace regularly, you will need to uncover all of the vents in your home. Uncovering your vents is also an excellent time for a fall clean and check-up for your furnace and ductwork. Making sure all of your vents work correctly is important so that you can have even heating throughout the house. If there is an issue, you will know right away, and you will be able to get our professional services before the weather gets any colder.

Check All of the Doors

If one of the doors in your home settles or has ample space between it and the floor or wall, then there may be a considerable amount of heat lost. However, there are easy solutions to the spaces around your doors so that you can easily have a sealed door when it is closed. Solving this issue will allow you to conserve as much heat as possible.

Let the Sun Inside

When it is sunny outside, go around your home and open all of the blinds and curtains. The sunshine will heat your home, so you don’t have to turn the furnace up as high. You can check the weather and open the curtains on the days you won’t be home, but you know the sun will shine. Using the sunlight will help you keep heating costs down.

Use Insulating Curtains

Curtains with insulation will help keep the rooms in your home warmer. Not only will a thermal curtain help keep warm air in a room, but this type of curtain will also block out light and sound. Investing in insulated curtains can help you keep each bedroom as warm as possible, and they are also great for people who work at night and sleep during the day.

Have Everyone Wear a Sweater Inside

If it is a freezing winter day, have everyone put on sweaters and warm socks to wear in the house. You can even make it fun and get everyone new slippers and cozy clothing to wear at home in the winter. Having everyone put on an extra layer means that you don’t have to turn up the heat as much, thereby conserving heat and saving money.

Close Off Unused Rooms During the Day

If you have a large house or many people in your home that are gone during the day, it is important to shut off rooms that you will not use. Doing this is important because it may take a lot of heat to make sure that your whole home is heated, so closing off rooms allows certain types of heaters to work less to make sure you are warm.

Gathering everyone in a living area in the evening is also a great way to keep the heat down for a few hours. For example, everyone can do a family night in the dining room, and you won’t have to turn the heat up as much. You can also let your friends and family know that you want to make sure bedroom doors are closed during the winter months as a reminder to conserve heat.

Winter Is Perfect for Baking

If you like to cook or bake, the winter months are perfect for learning a new recipe and eating at home more often. When you cook or bake at home, you turn on the stove and oven, which helps keep the kitchen and even other rooms warmer. Using the oven is a great way to conserve heat and eat healthier all winter.

Use a Humidifier If the Air Feels Dry

Dryer air tends to feel colder than humid air. If the air in your home feels dry and you seem to need more lotion in the winter months, getting a humidifier will help keep moisture in the air. The moisture in the air will feel heavier. Therefore, the air feels warmer by default. There are also other great benefits to having a humidifier in your home during the winter months.

Put Extra Blankets on the Beds

During the winter months, it is important to have plenty of extra blankets on the beds. You may have some people that like to be warm in the evenings as they go to bed, and you may have other people in your home that like to be a little chilly as they sleep. Having extra blankets in the rooms will ensure that everyone is comfortable and that people aren’t trying to adjust the thermostat. You may also want to put a few blankets on your couches so that people can cover up with them instead of asking for the thermostat to be turned up.

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