June 13, 2023
Duct Repair and Duct Replacement in San Antonio, TX

Ducts have a few common types of problems with noticeable effects. Whenever you have problems with your ductwork, call the pros. They will advise you regarding the types of repairs you need. Some ducts will perform better if patched, but in extreme cases, a professional may advise upgrading your ductwork.

There are different reasons your ducts may experience problems, and after discovering the cause, your technician might upgrade your filter, adjust your humidifier, or advise other maintenance changes. Here are some of the major issues ducts have and when you should order repairs.

1. Heavy Amounts of Dust Indoors

Large amounts of dust can overload the system and degrade the air quality. Very bad cases might have an inch or so of dust around the edge of the duct. Thick layers of dust will also change the accuracy of the indoor temperature, and the air will not flow at the proper rate. The HVAC system will have a lot of problems running well, and you might notice a different pattern in the operating cycles and little to no airflow in certain spots.

You should keep a strict maintenance schedule to avoid excessive dust accumulation. If you recently bought a home, you might have dust buildup from the previous owners, but you could have a lot of dust between regular maintenance visits in other circumstances. For example, storm season, construction, and home renovation projects can add more dust than people realize.

Call a professional to inspect your ducts if you notice a lot of dust near the outside of the vent, and if you are coughing or sneezing more because of dust in the air, don’t put off a repair phone call. People also call a professional if they are cleaning more dust than usual around the house. One other major sign of dust in your ducts is a very dirty filter.

2. Unusual Noises During Startup

HVAC systems can make unusual noises at times. A telltale sign of duct problems is a strange noise when you turn the system on. Odd noises related to duct problems include banging, popping, or booming. These noises are frequently a sign that the metal membrane is moving around due to pressure problems.

It is likely that you have obstruction or holes in the membrane if you hear these noises. Call a ductwork professional right away. Delaying repairs related to this type of noise can cause extra damage.

Your professional will likely need to repair or replace at least a few sections of ductwork. They may also check the vents and make sure there are no broken seals. Broken seals on the inside or outside of the building are a common reason for debris inside the ducts.

3. A Sharp Energy Bill Increase

You may experience seasonal energy bill fluctuations and will typically get advance notice if local energy rates are going up. That’s not unusual. However, if your bill sharply increases unexpectedly, you should call a professional to inspect your ducts.

A broken duct will usually leak conditioned air, and your system will have to work harder to cool or heat your home. The damage does not have to be heavy to reduce the efficiency of the system. Call a professional right away. Ducts that leak frequently may have a tear, an obstruction, or a broken seal. Your technician can often patch more minor breaks quickly, but larger sections with heavy damage may require replacement.

4. Weak Airflow

Unreliable or weak airflow is a classic sign that you need duct repair. This can be related to issues like a hole in the duct membrane or debris. Broken seals or vent obstructions are also common reasons for flow problems. Weak airflow also happens when vents become disconnected or crushed.

Some homeowners experience poor airflow years after ductwork is installed. This happens because the ductwork is not the right type for the house. It can also be due to the design of the ductwork. Poor-quality ductwork can sometimes function for a few years and then deteriorate noticeably. Your professional may advise redesigning and replacing sections of duct in this case.

You should call a professional if your airflow decreases or becomes spotty for more than a few days. It rarely improves after this point. Repairs are much easier early on for this type of issue. You’ll also avoid overworking your HVAC system if you call early.

5. Unusual Temperature Variance Between Rooms

You may have zoned HVAC systems that keep temperatures in some parts of the house different on purpose. You may also expect some rooms to vary a bit because of window placement or appliances. However, if your rooms have an unusual temperature variance, you should call a professional. Significant temperature variance is a strong indicator that there is something wrong with your ducts.

Broken seals, obstructed vents, debris, or holes in the vent can cause temperature issues. You might also have an issue with the configuration and number of vents. Your technician can advise on any duct design problems as well as repairs. You should call a professional within a few days if temperature problems persist.

6. The Presence or Smell of Mold and Mildew

If you see or smell mold or mildew in a properly cleaned house, you should suspect a problem with your ducts. You might also notice a heavier smell when you turn the system on.

Technicians will professionally clean your ducts as well as make repairs to keep things dry. They will use a variety of brushes and tools and approved chemicals to disinfect your ducts. The FDA and EPA approve disinfectants as well as sanitizing solutions that kill viruses in commercial systems. Ask your HVAC technician about any cleaning needs.

Moldy ducts are caused by excess humidity within the HVAC system. Your technician may advise adjusting the humidifier settings or more frequent maintenance. Your ducts might become humid if they are inadequately insulated. Mold problems can also stem from a duct leak.

Prompt Repairs From the Professionals

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