January 14, 2024
7 Signs Your Air Ducts Need Attention

Your ducts play a major role in your heating and cooling system and need routine attention. Our [company_ name] technicians often encounter forgotten ducts that become problematic and give homeowners a headache. Since these air passages are usually out of sight, people frequently neglect checking on them. However, with the help of our professionals in San Antonio, you can ensure your HVAC system works at its best through tending to these ducts. The most common services they require are regular cleaning and repairs. Nevertheless, we recommend replacing them with new ones if they have extensive damage. In this article, we’ll discuss how you can know when to call for professional duct services.

1. Aged HVAC System

Every sound HVAC system has its maximum life span, and when it attains it, you begin noticing recurrent issues. If you have a heating and cooling system that you installed over two decades ago, it is time to consider changing it. This also includes replacing the ducts if you installed them at the same time. As the air passages age, they develop recurrent issues such as wear and tear, mold, and disconnection.

Having old ducts will lead to poor indoor air quality and more repair expenses as you try to fix the recurring problems. However, if you replace them, you can enjoy peace of mind and improved air circulation in your home. While many see this as a considerable expense, it is not comparable to the overall cost of constant repairs over several years.

2. Poor Indoor Air Quality

When your ducts are dirty or torn, they will contaminate your indoor air, causing you to experience a continuous decrease in indoor air quality. This mostly happens when you haven’t scheduled professional duct cleaning in a long while. Therefore, there will be an accumulation of dust in your vents, which will flow into your rooms. You may also notice visible dust blowing out of your vents and increased dirt on surfaces no matter how frequently you clean them.

The contaminated air also carries other particles like pollen, which may trigger allergies in your family. Consequently, there will be more sneezing, blocked noses, and frequent visits to the physician. Prompt repairs and cleaning will improve your indoor environment and keep all the residents of your home safe and healthy.

Mold and mildew thrive in damp areas and can access your home through ventilation or torn and dirty ducts. When mold is in your air passages, it will spread to various rooms, thus affecting your indoor air quality. These organisms provoke allergic reactions to the skin and respiratory system. You need to eliminate them by cleaning the ducts and repairing the damaged areas.

3. Noisy Operation

Noise from your ducts may arise from pressure buildup when you turn off your system. When you start the HVAC unit, the air may cause the metal to pop outward as it expands to let the air flow. This is normal, especially when heating the rooms. However, other noises like loud banging and constant whistling may indicate problematic ducts that require the expertise of an HVAC professional.

The most common causes of such noises may include the following:

  • Dirt and debris in the ducts
  • Loose joints
  • Tears and gaping lines
  • Sagging or bent ducts

4. Reduced Airflow

If you notice a decrease in the amount of air coming out of your registers, you might have an issue with your ducts. This is a common sign of a line obstruction or a disconnection at one or multiple joints. You might also have a collapsed duct that limits the amount of air passing through a particular room. This calls for expert inspection and repairs to restore optimal airflow in all rooms.

5. Foul Smell

You can sometimes detect the problem in your ducts by the smell coming from your vents and registers. A foul odor indicates dirty ducts or an intruder in the system. Pests such as rodents may also get in the air passages, which means they might leave their droppings in the lines. Therefore, as the air blows through, it carries the smell, causing the rooms to have an awful odor. Mold and mildew may also bring out a foul smell, which causes you to be uncomfortable.

You need to contact our pros for immediate inspection and cleaning when you notice this. To avoid damaging the ducts, do not opt for a DIY inspection or cleaning. You may also get an infection by touching the contaminated droppings or mold. However, you can solve the matter quickly and safely with professional assistance.

6. Slow Heating or Cooling

You need to keep track of how fast your HVAC system heats or cools your indoor environment. Typically, regulating your temperature should not take more than a few minutes; therefore, when it begins to take longer than usual, that indicates some duct problems. There may be an obstruction or collapsed lines that could limit the airflow to certain rooms. Consequently, the heated or cooled air takes longer to reach the targeted spaces.

Leaky ducts may also be causing the cool or warm breeze from the HVAC to escape, making it harder to attain your desired indoor temperature. The outdoor draft enters as the indoor air escapes, interfering with the room temperature. This situation may prompt you to turn up the thermostat settings for a comfortable indoor environment. However, the unit will only overwork without producing the expected results.

7. Higher Energy Bills

When your ducts are clogged, torn, or dirty, they cause your heating and cooling systems to work harder than usual trying to maintain your indoor environment. This impacts the room temperature and causes the HVAC unit to take longer to attain the desired setting. Consequently, the equipment consumes more energy, leading to higher utility bills.

Clogging of the ducts hinders proper airflow, which means a reduced amount of air will enter the rooms. Most of the air will get trapped or escape to other spaces. Eventually, you will find the rooms with blocked ducts cooler or hotter than the rest. The uneven heating or cooling causes the system to overwork to regulate the temperature, thus increasing energy consumption.

Therefore, if you find an unexplained increase in utility bills without a change in usage, you need to check your ducts. Professional cleaning and repairs will allow the air to flow smoothly with no obstruction and attain the required indoor temperature quickly.


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