August 17, 2019

When the month of August starts to wane and summer is coming to an end, there are several things you can do to help guarantee the trouble-free operation of your HVAC system. Being diligent with maintenance will help you avoid HVAC system breakdowns or other issues that may arise. Here are some great August HVAC maintenance tips to follow.

Change Your Air Filter

Replacing your air filters should be something you already do regularly, even more so as August starts to wind down. Your respiratory health depends on your HVAC system is able to cycle clean air when it functions. In terms of its operation, your HVAC system needs a clean air filter to perform optimally and avoid issues that may cause downtime. Changing your air filter at the end of the summer is especially important as, during the hot months, the unit is susceptible to dust, dirt and other debris — more so than during the winter. If you’d prefer an expert to change your air filters and perform a thorough check, Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating in San Antonio can handle it. We’ll be more than happy to schedule an appointment and discuss your HVAC needs.

Clear Debris From Your External Unit

Just as your air filters can gather a lot of grime from particles and pollutants in the air, your external unit can get clogged up by dried grass from mowing the lawn, leaves, dirt and other debris that the wind and summer storms can bring. Using a brush or a vacuum cleaner for the task should be enough to remove any objects and residue from the summer season.

Schedule Your Furnace Maintenance

While you still may be in a beach or swimming pool mode, scheduling your furnace maintenance in August is simply considered best practice. Rather than waiting for the cold season to roll in and having your furnace’s maintenance performed as you are starting to require its services, contact a knowledgeable technician to have that done early.

Close Blinds in the Daytime and Use Fans

August signifies the peak of summer in terms of heat. Temperatures start to drop, which takes some of the stress off of your HVAC system. Be sure you close your blinds and curtains to keep the sun from warming your home. Also, try using fans to create a nice breeze. Both tips will cut down on the time and intensity your HVAC system needs to operate in order to maintain the comfort you seek.

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