December 16, 2019

When the colder weather sets in and it’s time to turn up the heat, many homeowners have trouble finding the ideal temperature. As a leading provider of heating services, Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating can provide some helpful tips on dialing in the perfect setting for you and your home.

Starting Point

The Environmental Protection Agency has recommended 68 degrees Fahrenheit as an ideal. That may seem a little on the low side for the average person, but if you do find it comfortable, the EPA estimates that it strikes the best balance between cost and comfort. When you are away from home, set the temperature to 62 degrees, and you can use this mark as a starting point while sleeping too.

Incremental Increases

How each person perceives warmth and cold is relative. The optimal temperature for you will depend on your preferences and the specifics of your home. Start with the recommended 68 degrees. If that is uncomfortable, increase your setting by 1 degree. Once the new setting is reached, give yourself several hours or more to acclimate. Still too cold? Repeat the process.

Relative Humidity

There is also the matter of relative humidity. Humidity tends to be lower in winter and is often lowered in the process of heating your home. If the relative humidity is too low, increasing it can reduce your comfortable temperature by several degrees or more. Have your heating inspected annually — this process will include humidity controls as well. If humidity remains too low even with the proper operation of the heat, you can consider either a whole-home humidifier or localized humidification solutions.

San Antonio’s Beyer Boys

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