October 17, 2019

Swamp coolers use evaporative cooling to keep rooms in your home comfortable. They are an ideal solution for buildings that don’t have a central air conditioning system. Because they are affordable, swamp coolers are accessible for many people. They’re ideal for climates that are hot but dry. Because of the way they work, they don’t function well in humid areas. There are several different types of swamp coolers you can choose from.

Benefits of Evaporative Cooling

The cooling technology employed by swamp coolers has been used by civilizations since ancient times. They use the idea of evaporative cooling to remove heat from the air by evaporating water into it. As warm air passes over cold water, it causes a little bit to evaporate. This takes energy and removes heat from the air in the process. If you’ve ever stepped out of a pool and been hit by a cool breeze, that shiver is caused by evaporative cooling.

Modern swamp coolers use an electric fan to move warm air through a wet filter. The water on this filter is constantly refreshed from a reservoir of freshwater. The relatively simple design makes swamp coolers durable and reliable.

Swamp Cooler Styles

For whole-home cooling, you can get a swamp cooler installed on your roof. These units are hooked up to your water system to keep the water reservoir full. They will be operated from within the home. For localized cooling in different rooms of your home, you can get portable swamp coolers. You’ll have to refill these water tanks by hand.

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