October 17, 2019

Your air conditioner’s motor plays a big role in your home’s comfort. Over time, the motor can begin to suffer from issues and break down. Here are a few symptoms to look for if you think you may have a malfunctioning AC motor.

1. Rattling Noises

Broken motors often cause rattling noises to develop. This usually comes from the condenser unit when the appliance is operating. Humming or buzzing noises may also be present due to malfunctioning motor blades, which requires the help of a professional from a company like Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating.

2. No Cold Airflow

An air conditioner that isn’t putting out any cold air may be the victim of a broken blower motor. Check the vents to determine if cold or warm air begins to circulate. A professional may need to troubleshoot the issue if your house isn’t getting cool.

3. The Air Conditioner Runs Intermittently

AC motors that become defective or fail to operate any longer can cause the air conditioner to run intermittently. Overheated motors are known to have a lack of consistency and can shut on and off multiple times. There is likely an issue with the relay or the motor.

4. Slow Rotating Blades

You may also notice that the blades operate at a slow speed when the fan turns on each time. The slow rotating blades will often lead to a lack of cool air that circulates in the building, which can make it challenging to feel comfortable during the summer season. A technician will need to perform an inspection of the AC motor to determine if it’s damaged or needs replacement.

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