March 10, 2023
AC Repair in San Antonio, TX

While many homeowners assume that they should tackle their own AC repairs in the name of saving some money, doing so is generally a terrible idea. Today’s ACs are intricate devices that rely on refrigerant to cool your home. It takes years of training to fully understand the ins and outs of an air conditioner. Also, even the smallest repairs require the use of specialized tools that most DIY enthusiasts simply don’t have access to.

Common problems include things like replacing the motor, sealing refrigerant leaks, and recharging the refrigerant. All of these tasks are better left to someone who has gone through rigorous training. It’s tricky to diagnose these issues and make the necessary repairs without the proper training and experience. Instead, call Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating for all of your AC needs.

Why You Shouldn’t Service Your Air Conditioner Yourself

Doing the work yourself instead of hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you’re going to save money. Paying for the specialized tools in addition to the replacement parts that you will need to use often means that you end up paying more. You may have to take time off of work in order to complete the job. You may also install the new parts incorrectly, resulting in even more damage being done to your air conditioner. In the end, you’ll likely pay far more than you would have if you called us first.

Speaking of parts, it can be a challenge to find the ones you need. This is especially true if you have an older unit. These parts need to fit your exact AC model. There are many parts available, and this can be overwhelming if you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to waste time and money on the wrong parts. When you hire a professional, they’ll have many of the most common parts on hand. If they do need to order something, they can get a better deal than most homeowners.

Most importantly, working on your air conditioner yourself is dangerous. An air conditioner is a complex device, and you need diagnostic training to find many problems. Even if you’re pretty good at simple DIY projects, it doesn’t mean that you have the knowledge or ability to repair an AC system. No one other than a professional should do repairs that involve refrigerant, electrical issues, or gas leaks. Most air conditioners use 220 to 240 watts of current, which poses a significant risk of electrocution, especially if you haven’t received proper training. If you don’t know exactly what to do, the results could be deadly.

Keep in mind that you could void your warranty by working on the air conditioner yourself. Virtually every air conditioner warranty comes with strict requirements that include any repairs being performed by a licensed professional. Voiding the warranty by doing your own repairs leaves you financially responsible for the cost of any future repairs and replacement parts.

When to Call the Pros

There are some distinct signs that will tell you when it’s time to call Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating for help. If your electric bill is higher than normal, the problem could be the air conditioner. When an air conditioner isn’t working as designed, it cannot live up to the efficiency rating that it received from the manufacturer. It could also be because you have an older unit. Older air conditioners aren’t as efficient as newer models. We can inspect your AC and determine whether you need some repair work done or if it’s time to replace the unit with a more updated model.

Refrigerant leaks should always be left to the professionals. Dealing with chemicals like the ones used in AC refrigerant is dangerous unless you have received professional training. Additionally, there are federal laws in place that make it illegal for an unlicensed individual to purchase refrigerant. The Clean Air Act has strict handling and maintenance instructions for dealing with refrigerants. You won’t be able to work with it unless you’re certified.

If you find mold in the air conditioner, it’s definitely time to call in the pros. Mold can develop anytime there’s a leak or excess moisture within the unit. It’ll take more than simply cleaning away the mold to fix this issue. It can lead to serious health issues. Call us as soon as mold is spotted.

Bad odors are a great indication that you need your AC professionally repaired. A rotten egg smell could be caused by a gas leak. The scent of something burning can indicate electrical issues. Mold will give off a musty smell. Recognizing these smells as early as possible can help you get ahead of any major problems.

Loud noises, such as screaming, clanging, banging, and buzzing, all indicate a problem within the system. Turn off the AC immediately, and give us a call. We’ll locate the problem and make recommendations as to how it should be repaired.

What to Expect During a Repair

When one of our licensed AC technicians comes to your house, he or she will start by doing some diagnostic testing on the system. Obviously, they will ask you questions about the issues that you’ve noticed, too. Once the diagnostic testing is completed, the technician will let you know exactly what is wrong with your system. At that point, one of our team members will work with you to determine the course of action you should take. In some cases, the issue can be resolved with a simple repair. In more severe breakdowns, you may be better served by investing in a new, more modern unit.

Our technicians are experienced and understand the industry. We save you time, energy, and money.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

To keep your air conditioner functioning at its best, you will need routine maintenance. Scheduling a yearly maintenance visit helps you avoid costly repairs and keeps your warranty valid. We’ll clean and inspect the entire unit to find any potential problems. We can do the necessary repairs so that your air conditioner doesn’t let you down when summertime temperatures are soaring.

We Can Help

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