January 20, 2023
Getting my furnace ready for winter

Should You Replace a Furnace That Is 25 Years Old?

Determining the length of time to keep a furnace is sometimes problematic. Most systems are designed to last up to 15 years, but they may work well beyond that point. On the other hand, any system will deteriorate to some extent as it ages. Regardless of how well your furnace seems to be performing currently if it has reached the quarter-century mark, you should seriously consider replacing it before it breaks down completely. There are a number of factors to take into account.

Repairs That Aren’t Worth the Investment

When a furnace is 25 years or older, you need to ask yourself if the repairs it needs are worth the investment. If you spend $300 on a repair this week, is it going to need another $300 repair a month from now? At some point, it is better to invest the money in a new furnace.

The longer you wait to replace your furnace, the greater the chance the cost of repairs will increase. The price of parts tends to go up over time. Also, if your furnace happens to take an uncommon type of part, the cost to replace the part may skyrocket. It may become impossible to locate certain parts for older furnaces. That situation can put you at risk of not having heat in your home.

Replacing Before an Emergency

It is always a good idea to replace a furnace before it meets its demise. If the furnace stops working in the middle of a very cold winter, it can take some time to replace the unit. No one wants to be sitting in a cold house for long periods of time, and there is always the concern that pipes may burst if your home isn’t heated.

There is always a chance that the furnace model you request for your home may take some time to ship. If this happens in the coldest months, that can become a huge issue. Replacing the unit before it breaks down can allow you the freedom to pick the exact model of furnace you want.

Assessing Further Issues

When you upgrade your furnace, the rest of the heating components in your home may need examination for wear and tear. Catching a potential issue ahead of time can save you frustration and more costly expenses in the future.

Potential of Warranties on Newer Models

Some newer models of furnaces may have warranties that you can take advantage of should something go wrong. With older furnaces, the warranties are no longer in effect. Having a newer model that is under warranty can save you money on repairs. Just one warrantied repair can save you hundreds.

Rebate Savings

If you are on the fence about upgrading your furnace, take into consideration the potential for rebates on a newer unit. Many manufacturers offer rebates when you choose to upgrade your furnace.

Increased Electricity Consumption

An older furnace will leech electricity. That’s why people who have older appliances tend to spend more on their monthly electricity bills. Because newer models of furnaces are more energy efficient, you can save money each month after purchasing a newer model.

Saving on Propane or Natural Gas

You can save money on your propane or natural gas costs each year if you upgrade to a newer furnace. Newer furnaces are more efficient with the energy they use, so they do not go through a large amount of heating fuel that older furnaces do. This can help you when you must pay your heating bills each winter.

Safety Concerns

Cracks in heat exchangers can allow dangerous levels of carbon monoxide into your home. The older your furnace is, the greater the chance of this potential danger.

Newer furnaces use sealed combustion chambers. This reduces the potential for dangerous carbon monoxide fumes to emit into your home. Many older furnaces do not have the sealed-combustion technology that is utilized today. It can be safer to upgrade your furnace.

Heating Quality

A furnace that is aging will have a decreased ability to heat your home. Once the blower motor starts failing due to age, you will notice that the furnace isn’t keeping up with the heat demand from the thermostat. Acquiring a newer furnace can help ensure that your home heats properly.

Even-Heating Capability

Older furnaces tend to heat your home unevenly. You may notice colder temperatures in one room than in another. With newer models of furnaces, the heat pattern tends to be more even, and this can lead to a more comfortable living space.

Cleaner Air Quality

Upgrading to a newer furnace can improve the air quality in your home. If you have people in your residence who suffer from asthma or allergies, excellent air quality is important.

Humidity Levels

Newer models of furnaces allow you to control the humidity level within your home. Older furnaces do not allow you to make such adjustments. Having this capability is important if you notice that the air in your home feels dry during the winter. Being able to control the humidity level can also benefit those who suffer from seasonal colds, allergies, or asthma.

Level of Noise

Older furnaces tend to be noisy. If you’re getting annoyed by the sound the older unit is making, upgrading can be beneficial. Most newer models of furnaces run much quieter. This can be of benefit to you if the sound of your furnace kicking on is waking you up at night. It can also help if you have pets who become annoyed at the sound of your current furnace.

Thermostat Compatibility

Many older furnaces are not compatible with smart thermostat technology. Smart thermostats tend to save customers money on their energy bills, so it is better if your furnace has the capability of pairing with one. Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating in Selma can provide heater repair in your home as well as installation of a programmable thermostat to help save you money.

Home Value

If you are considering listing your home for sale in the near future, having an older model furnace can be negative for potential buyers. No one wants to immediately have to replace major appliances when they first move into a home. If potential home buyers see that you have made an effort to keep your home up to date, they are more likely to give you a higher price for it. Some people may even reject your home if they see that it has an older furnace.

At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer furnace and heat pump replacement, installation, maintenance, and repair. We perform the same range of services for air conditioning equipment and offer duct repair and cleaning as well. If your duct work needs repair or replacement, we can even fabricate sheet metal at our location to meet your home’s requirements. We can also test the quality of the air in your home to make sure it’s at an optimal level, and we offer air purification products if it isn’t. Along with our regular heating and cooling services, we can work on new home construction projects and remodels.

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