December 11, 2020

If you’ve been using a central heating system in your home, then you must understand how difficult it can be to save on energy bills and stay comfortable. The situation might even be worse if your home has multiple floors and the people living in your home have different temperature preferences. The good news is that you can start cutting your energy costs with a properly-installed zoned heating system. Here’s how a zone control system works and how it would help you save money.

How a Zone Control System Works

To better understand how a zone control system works, we have to look at how a central heating system works.

A Central Heating System

When you install a central furnace, each room in your house gets a warm air supply vent. This means that with a traditional central heating system, all your rooms have to receive the warm air unless you find a way to close off the supply vents in some rooms.

A central heating system essentially sends the conditioned air into the duct network using a blower fan. The air then branches out to different vents across your home. The problem with this system is that it allows the air to get into all the rooms in the house, including the ones that are not occupied.

A Zone Control System

On the other hand, a zone control system uses two sets of components. The first set is known as the dampers. A professional HVAC technician has to fit dampers into the ductwork to seal off sections of the ducts. They also have to determine how many dampers your house needs for the system to be effective. For instance, if your rooms require more than one vent, then multiple dampers would be used.

The other component of a zone control system is the zone thermostat, and it’s similar to the ones already installed in your home. Even so, zone thermostats are specially designed to regulate the temperature in a certain zone. This means that every room in your home has to have one of these thermostats so the person in that room can control the temperature of that room directly. All the zone thermostats are wired to one central control thermostat that controls the dampers, heater, blower and air conditioner.

For instance, when the kitchen and living room thermostats call for cooling or heating, the central panel immediately opens the dampers to those particular zones and closes the dampers to the other zones in the home. Notably, the other zones have to have attained their requested temperature for their dampers to close.

Now that you understand how a zone control system works, let’s see how installing it in your house can help you save money.

Increased Efficiency

As you can see, this system ensures rooms are heated or cooled depending on their occupants’ temperature preferences. If your house is large, this can help you become more energy efficient because your HVAC system doesn’t have to regulate the temperature of the rooms that don’t require any heating or cooling. That means that with this system, you’ll be able to manage the temperature in those rooms you rarely use in a way that saves energy while finding the right comfort level in the ones you occupy most. As you can imagine, your energy wastage would decrease tremendously, and in the long run, you’d pay less for your home’s energy consumption, enabling you to save more.

Better Protection for Your Heating and Cooling System

A standard HVAC unit is a huge investment for the average household. It’s one of those appliances in the homes that comes with high repairs and replacement costs. Having a zoning control system ensures your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard as usual to heat your home.

More precisely, when you reduce or eliminate the heating or cooling in unoccupied areas of your home, you reduce the draw on the whole system. That is important because it reduces the stress on the unit and the resultant wear and tear that occurs as the HVAC equipment runs. This results in fewer breakdowns and repairs throughout the year. If you want to avoid the nightmare of having to replace your unit, a zoning control system is ideal because it effectively extends the life of your unit.

Better Air Quality in Your Home

It wouldn’t take long to notice an improvement in the quality of air throughout your home when you have a zone control system installed. This is made possible by the way the zoning system works. When your house is segmented into zones, dust, airborne pathogens and other contaminants circulating from one room to another in your house are reduced.

To better see how this works, imagine your basement is moldy. When you reduce the air circulation in the room, you minimize the circulation of spores. Similarly, a zoning system would help you lower the spread of pet dander from your living room to the bedrooms. You’d also have fewer dirt particles moving from the less used, dusty rooms to the others.

This generally reduces the spread of viruses, dust, bacteria, allergens and even odors throughout your house. As a result, your family’s health is improved. If you’ve been getting cases of illness outbreaks in your home, such as respiratory illnesses, they would reduce. You’d therefore save on medication and other medical bills and have a more productive family. Lastly, your cleaning costs would also reduce as the zoning system reduces the movement of dirt particles in your home.

More Convenience

Today, zoned systems are being installed in a way that enables them to be operated and controlled remotely. This is because more and more people are demanding smart thermostats and mobile control features.

If you know that you’ll be out for five hours but leave without adjusting the thermostat to save energy, all you’d have to do is open your mobile application and make the adjustment in seconds.

Another great situation is when you’re at work and the weather suddenly changes and becomes warmer. If you had set your thermostat to warm your home before you arrived home, the application would allow you to lower the temperature and save on energy instantly. There are many other ways a high-quality zone control unit would make your life easier and allow you to save in the process. All you need is to get your system installed by a professional today to experience the benefits.

If you’re ready to shift to a zone control system to save money, you should look for a qualified technician to help you out. As you can already tell, a zoning system is very delicate; you can easily lose a lot of money on endless repairs if it’s installed incorrectly in your home.

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