If you want to stabilize your indoor moisture levels, look no further than Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating for dehumidifier installation in New Braunfels, TX. Our HVAC professionals and indoor air quality experts assess your home and test the current conditions, before making a recommendation about how to handle the humidity levels in your home.

    Dehumidifier Installation & Repair in New Braunfels, TX

    A good mid-range of 30-50% humidity is essential to prolonging the life of your furnishings and minimizing dirt, dust, and other debris. At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, we can add a dehumidifier to your central cooling system, helping to more than offset the effects of air conditioning. We also offer reliable and rapid dehumidifier repair for those who already have a whole-home solution installed.

    Expert Dehumidifier Installation in New Braunfels

    Most central cooling and heating systems come with a basic dehumidifier already installed. However, these in-unit systems only adjust for the humidity added by the unit. In areas like New Braunfels, humidity levels routinely reach 70%, which means you likely need a little help when it comes to adjusting those levels. At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, we offer dehumidifier installation services that work throughout your entire home. If you already have one installed, our dehumidifier repair options can get your system back up and running optimally, often within a few hours.

    There are lots of benefits to controlling indoor humidity, including:
    • Odor reduction and control
    • Lower levels of pollen and allergens
    • Optimal conditions to keep belongings safe
    • Better and lower cost cooling
    Expert Dehumidifier Installation in New Braunfels

    Lower humidity helps air conditioning systems to more quickly cool your home and helps reduce associated energy costs. Schedule emergency dehumidifier repair service as soon as you notice significant increased to indoor humidity levels.

    Trusted Dehumidifier Installation Company

    NATEBeyer Air Conditioning & Heating is the Home of the Pros, which is why we have home renovation experts to help with virtually every major system. Our HVAC experts are NATE-certified and ready to work on any type of unit, including dehumidifier repair. Emergency service is available, for any malfunctions, and we work with some of the most experienced technicians in the area. Opt in to our monthly Care Plan and enjoy a 30-point inspection that includes all major systems. Plus, you get priority scheduling so you never have to wait long when there’s a problem at home.

    If you’re tired of swimming through the air in your home, give us a call today! At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating, our friendly team can get you scheduled for dehumidifier installation in New Braunfels.

    Our dehumidifier services are also offered in San Antonio, Alamo Heights, Boerne, Bulverde, Helotes, Live Oak, Schertz, and Selma.
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