April 10, 2023
AC install in San Antonio, TX

Nearly 90% of all American homes have air conditioning, with central systems being the most prevalent. They’re accessible, simple, and reliable. They’re designed to cool down your home with the flip of a switch. Because of its simplicity, it might seem like you could be able to install your own air conditioning. That might be the case if you’re interested in a portable window unit. However, you might be contemplating the installation of an entire air conditioning system in your home. You might know where to buy the equipment, and you may be motivated by saving money on labor by doing it yourself. Unfortunately, most homeowners don’t possess all the professional skills necessary to install their own air conditioning system.

Let Professionals Handle It

Experienced air conditioning technicians should always handle the installation of a central AC system. It might be physically feasible for you to do it, but there are quite a few reasons why you shouldn’t. One of them is that many jurisdictions won’t legally allow you to perform the work unless you’re certified or licensed to do it. Air conditioning equipment often has fluorinated gases that can only be handled by certified professionals licensed to work with these materials. Without the right authorization, you might wind up creating an illegal installation and failing required technical inspections. You’ll then become ineligible for government assistance, or even void your home insurance policy or equipment warranties.

What Might Go Wrong With an Improper Installation?

If an improper air conditioning installation is completed, there are a number of things that could go wrong. Your unit might end up making strange noises due to misaligned components. This would be hard on your ears and on the equipment. If you’re not a professional, you might have a hard time knowing which noises indicate problems.

Improper AC installation can affect the comfort and efficiency of your home. If poor airflow becomes an issue, then your utility costs could increase much more than they need to be. Your system might also stop and start quite frequently. Add this to general damage to the system, and you could be looking at repairs or replacements years faster than normal. Those unnecessary expenses would defeat the purpose of trying to save money on labor.

As already mentioned, certification requirements are an industry requirement. You might be able to get the EPA certification if you study for an exam, take it, and pass it. However, there is time involved in this process. A series of fees are also required. That same certification is required to buy refrigerants for your device. It’s often more affordable in the long run to just hire an industry technician who already has all of their certifications.

The process of installing an air conditioning unit can take a substantial amount of time. Because technicians do this for a living and have extensive experience, they may be able to complete the work in a fraction of the time that it would take you to complete it. They also have other professionals to turn to. Not to mention, HVAC work can be very labor intensive. You could be required to carry heavy equipment, work with your home’s ductwork and handle delicate electrical wiring. Just one mistake or careless moment can do a lot of damage to your home.

If all those reasons aren’t enough to convince you that you shouldn’t install your own AC, then consider the fact that it’s a dangerous process. Working with electricity and wiring is risky enough. The process may even be illegal where you live unless you’re an electrician. AC installers have to work with regulated refrigerants, use power tools to run the lines, and install the evaporator coils. None of these are practical projects that you should attempt.

Benefits of Professional Installation

There are plenty of reasons why you shouldn’t install your own air conditioner, but there are also a great number of reasons why you should let professionals do it for you. Protection from errors is ideal. If you make a mistake during your own installation, then you’re going to be liable for the consequences. Bonded technicians or professionals covered by their business insurance have resources set aside for insurance claims resulting from their work.

If your unit breaks or is defective, many HVAC units feature manufacturer warranties for parts and replacement. These warranties always have a clause that dictates that only licensed professionals can work on them. If someone else completes a repair, then the warranty is voided.

HVAC professionals will be sure that your home gets the correctly sized furnace unit during your AC installation. An HVAC unit that’s too small will run more frequently than what’s typical. This will also put additional wear and tear on your AC unit. A furnace that’s too big will waste energy. In both cases, your utility bills will be higher than they should be. Equipment will wear down faster than it normally would. Even if the HVAC system that you install is sized correctly, it might wear out faster because it’s not installed according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Hiring professionals alleviates a lot of stress. You don’t need to spend copious amounts of your free time learning and working on various parts of the air conditioning installation process. It saves you from getting frustrated with technical matters that you’re not trained for. Hiring a professional lets you focus on the other important things in your life.

Professionals are trained and can answer any questions that you may have. Instead of trying to find things out on your own, you’ll get the correct information straight from a knowledgeable source. Common questions include: How frequently do you need to have the AC serviced? What warning signs should you look out for that might indicate problems? Is there anything unique about this unit that I should know?

Any professionals you use should be the same ones you come back to in the future for service calls, even if it’s just seasonal maintenance. They’re already familiar with your unit and know a lot about it. They can refer back to their notes to look for pattern problems or inconsistencies to correct. This advantage multiplies as a system gets older.

Professionals can work much faster than your average homeowner. Your home won’t have AC running at all during the installation process, and your family might be more than ready to get cool air coming out of those vents again.

We Can Help

There’s no better feeling than coming indoors from extremely warm weather so you can enjoy your home’s air conditioning. However, that experience is best when the system is working at its utmost efficiency. That starts with the right installation, which is why you need a professional. Our certified professionals at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating make sure every part of the work is done right at every home we serve in the San Antonio area. Contact us at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating for heating and air conditioning services that include indoor air quality, duct cleaning and repairs, sheet metalwork, and VRF systems.

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