December 1, 2019

If you’re dealing with an expensive heating bill, you’re not alone. This can be a real drag, but can you avoid paying expensive bills during the cold winter months? Here are some ways you can heat a home for less.

The Furnace Needs a Tune-Up

A dirty furnace that runs on a clogged filter and worn parts won’t perform at peak efficiency. When a furnace has to work harder to heat a home, costs go up. Requesting a basic tune-up could improve performance and bring down expenses. Maybe it is time to install a new thermostat, too. Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating of San Antonio, TX, may be able to help. We provide heating, cooling, and even plumbing service to area residents.

The Thermostat Is Set Too High

High thermostat temperatures automatically lead to high heating bills. If you set the temperature to 72 degrees, the monthly gas bill will be more than if it was set to 60 degrees. Everyone likes to be comfortable in the winter. However, excessively cranking up the furnace goes beyond comfort and into wasteful territory. Figure out the lowest possible temperature to complement your comfort level. The lower setting will come with lower expenses.

Drafts and Weak Insulation

If your home is not insulated properly or suffers from drafts, the furnace must keep running to compensate. Try to find the source of the drafts and address them. Is there a cracked window or a gap in the door frame? Fix these problems to keep the hot air inside.

Make sure you close all the windows too. A window not closed all the way could lead to lots of hot air escaping.

Running the Heat When Not Home

The heat has to run even when you’re not home. You can’t risk your pipes freezing, and who wants to come back to a freezing house? Still, you can employ a little fiscal common sense here. Don’t set the temperature too high when the property is unoccupied. No one’s there to enjoy it. Maybe it’s time to think about a smart home thermostat system, too.

At Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating we can work on your air conditioners and heaters. We offer indoor air quality and plumbing services. If you need our services, pick up the phone today and call Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating.

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