April 1, 2020

You may have heard of ductless air systems or units that can be used in your home, but you may not know much more than that. Ductless air systems are HVAC units that heat or cool rooms without using ductwork to relay the air. People often use them to cool rooms that need additional cooling or heating and in houses that may not be conducive to having ductwork installed. Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating has been installing these ductless systems for homeowners in San Antonio and the surrounding areas for many years, and our experienced technicians can have your system up and running quickly.

What Exactly Is a Ductless System?

A ductless air system is an air conditioner or heat pump that does not use ducts. It works with an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These units are connected with refrigerant tubing and electrical wiring. The indoor unit can come in various mounting styles, but the most common is a wall-mounted unit. They are called either mini-split or single-zone systems, and they are typically used for a single area in a house. Because of the variety of mounting styles available and the type of zone relief, these units are often chosen because of their versatility.

Types of Ductless Air Conditioners

There are many types of ductless air conditioners and heat pumps. They are usually categorized by the number of areas, or “zones,” they can cool and heat in a single building or residence. There are three main types of ductless air units that most residences will utilize. We here at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating are knowledgeable about all makes and models, and we can recommend which type will work best for your particular situation.

A mini-split system is a single-zone system that consists of one outdoor unit and one indoor unit. A multi-split, or multi-zone, ductless system is comprised of an outdoor unit that is connected to one or more indoor units. This allows you to set and control the temperature separately for different areas at the same time. Most multi-split systems allow up to five indoor units. Variable refrigerant flow units are multi-split ductless systems that can heat one room and simultaneously cool another space.

Ductwork Considerations

If you are in need of replacing an existing cooling or heating system in your home, you will probably also be faced with replacing the existing ductwork. Ductwork commonly begins to deteriorate after 25 years or more. It can come apart at the seams due to expanding and contracting, and rust can accumulate on any parts that collect moisture in the hot, humid summer months.

An old ductwork system may not be compatible with the new, energy-efficient HVAC systems that are available due to increased airflow pressure. If the ductwork is 15 years old or more, you should go ahead and replace it at the same time in order to avoid having to redo the ductwork a few years after putting in a new system.

Another consideration in evaluating ductwork is how it is laid out throughout the home. Again, older ductwork may not have been installed efficiently and can have many pockets of restricted airflow. This can cause your entire system to work harder than it should. All of our technicians at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating have extensive experience with evaluating and installing ductwork in San Antonio, and we have seen many unprofessionally installed ductwork systems.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

Using a ductless air system provides better indoor air quality more readily than other air systems. Simply by the system not having to blow air into your home through the ductwork, vents, and filters means that you will not have to deal with accumulated dust and other particles that can collect inside these components. Ductless air systems have built-in filtration that ensures the delivery of air is free of allergens and other pollutants. You will not have to clean the ductwork or filters to keep your air quality pristine.

Flexibility and Total Control

When you use a ductless system, you have absolute control over the temperature in specific areas of your home. You can set the temperature in one or more spaces separately from the rest of the home, which is helpful when one room may have an average temperature that is colder or warmer than other areas. It may also be the case that various members of the family desire different air comfort levels.

You also have control over where you place the indoor unit. These units are usually somewhat small and inconspicuous, and you can have wall-mounted or floor options. Some models can be mounted in the ceiling, too.


You can definitely save on your energy bills using a ductless system. The units are smaller and require less power to operate, and they also do not lose air as it is blown through the ducts. If you are using a multi-split system, you can have separate temperatures for different rooms, thus creating “zones” of comfort. By raising and lowering the thermostats for unused rooms during the winter and summer months, you can save substantially on your energy bills.

Ease of Installation

These small units are easy to install, and they do not require any replacement or installation of ductwork. When placing ductwork, whether new or retrofitted, the work involved can take several weeks. This causes inconvenience and disruption to the household. It is also more expensive because of the cost of the ductwork and the labor involved to install or replace it.

In contrast, ductless air systems do not entail any major installation processes. The indoor unit only requires a small hole for mounting, and you will not have to cut through areas of the wall for the ductwork and other lines. Depending on the number of indoor and outdoor units involved, your ductless system can sometimes be up and running in a day. We here at Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating will give you an estimate as to the length of installation and do our best to fulfill that estimate.


Ductless air systems are rated ENERGY STAR-compliant, which means they are energy-efficient according to the guidelines set by these standards. This means that not only are you saving energy and money, but you are also helping the environment by reducing the use of electricity. Ductless systems use the refrigerant R410A, which does not cause ozone depletion in the atmosphere.

There is no denying that there are many benefits to installing and using a ductless air system. They are easy to install, inexpensive to use, and allow for optimum control over your indoor temperature. They are much more unobtrusive than window units, and they are more attractive in appearance, too. You can please different members of your family with the varying control settings for specific areas, and everyone will be happy.

Our company has been providing services for ductless air systems and many other air quality services, such as maintenance, repair, and installation of heating and cooling air systems. To see what Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating can do for you in San Antonio or a surrounding area, give us a call today!

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