October 2, 2020

Texas homeowners often spend a lot of time making sure their properties are clean and sanitary. Anyone who moves furniture out of the way and notices dust and dirt likely realizes debris may collect anywhere. “Anywhere” also includes the inside of an air conditioner.

To allow dirt, dander, dust, cobwebs, and more collect inside an air conditioner is not a good idea. You don’t want those impurities spreading through the ducts and into the home. Nor do you want the impurities to cause operational problems with the air conditioner.

Furthermore, you should beware of mold. Mold could grow on the filter and other parts of the system. A thorough cleaning might uncover mold. Afterward, appropriate steps to clean the air conditioner may follow.

Following a routine sanitation schedule seems wise, but there may be instances when you may want to do some extra cleaning. Signs may arise that suggest your air conditioner is collecting dirt. A top indicator is seeing a “dust cloud” when you hit the “on” switch. When an air conditioner’s first reaction to turning on involves giving off a burst of dust, odds are the interior is filthy. Not every sign is as pronounced, though. Here are some more examples of signs the air conditioner requires a cleaning.

1. Foul Smells

When you notice foul odors coming from the air conditioner, this would be a sign that something isn’t right. The odor’s cause might remain unknown until a skilled technician takes steps to check things out. The technician may discover the smell comes from a dirty air conditioner interior.

The descriptions “foul” or “bad” may mean different things to different people. One person might not pay much attention to a strange odor. Ignoring the smell could turn out to be a significant mistake.

The source of the smells may vary. Dirty water or mildew will give off hard-to-ignore smells, and requesting a cleaning right away could address the problem. It is also worth pointing out that electrical problems, gas leaks, and other serious problems could cause the smell. Yes, safety hazards might be at the root of the odor.

2. An Increase in Dirt and Dust Buildup

Someone who cleans a house regularly may wonder why there is an abnormal buildup of dirt and dust. The origins might appear mysterious, but a closer inspection could reveal that the debris comes from the air conditioner vents. The buildup of dirt inside the air conditioner may spread through the ducts and out the vents, as the fan blows the dirt-filled air.

Several different issues could lead to dirt building up inside a house. The air conditioner might not turn out to be the culprit, but it still wouldn’t hurt to have it checked. Ruling out the reasons behind a problem could lead to discovering what the real issue is. If it turns out the air conditioner is the problem’s source, then the solution reveals itself: clean the air conditioner.

3. Strange Air Conditioner Noises

Homeowners might not see a connection between strange sounds and dirt buildups. However, a dirty air conditioner may make noises that suggest something’s not operating properly. There’s a running theme occurring here: when an air conditioner acts “odd,” there could be something wrong. In this case, the issue may be dirt and debris, causing trouble in the works.

Dirt could collect on the fan blades, which affects the blades’ balance. Annoying noise may result, and neither the noise nor the debris is going away until someone takes time to clean the fan. A do-it-yourself approach to the cleaning might be the wrong idea. Thoroughness becomes essential when cleaning any aspect of the air conditioner. And there are safety concerns here, too. Leave the fan-cleaning process to a pro to make sure the job gets done right.

4. Weak Airflow

Air should come out of the ducts without any problems or obstructions. When airflow appears restricted or is not exiting the ducts at appropriate levels, a blockage may exist. A likely culprit for blocked air is dirt and other debris. A small amount might not create a severe blockage, but unless someone examines and cleans the ducts, the debris could accumulate until it is causing issues.

Another point worth mentioning here: the ducts are part of the air conditioning system, so don’t ignore them when it comes to routine care and maintenance. The same is true of vents connected to ducts.

The air vents may also become dirty. The visuals of dirty vents become hard to miss, but furniture or other obstructions could keep the vents out of sight. Dirt on the vents will also reduce airflow, and cleaning the vents might solve the problem. However, if the vents are dirty, checking out the ducts might prove advisable.

5. Electricity Bills Increases

Dirt might create problems with efficiency, which may cause the air conditioner to work harder than usual. The air conditioner could also run for longer periods, as an inefficiently operating system requires additional time to cool a home. Running longer and working with more effort leads to the unit drawing more power. Expect the electricity bill to reflect all this extra work.

Perhaps getting the system cleaned would be a cost saver. By cleaning out all the dirt and debris, monthly bills drop. The saved money could pay for the cleaning, at least in part.

The cleaning might need to be extensive. The air conditioner blower may also suffer problems when dirt accumulates. If the blower isn’t working thoroughly, don’t expect it to blow the desired air level.

Weak airflow isn’t something to overlook. One or more components may be suffering from dirt or other problems. Maybe the time has arrived to request a full inspection.

6. Dirty Air Filters

Air filters capture dirt and other impurities. The air conditioning system relies on the filter to keep a significant amount of debris out. When filters become clogged, they are no longer capable of performing their job efficiently. Several “ripple effect” problems might then result. So, make sure to change the filter regularly — at least once every three months. Otherwise, avoidable issues may arise.

The Value of Routine Maintenance

Why only wait until trouble arises before calling someone to check out or clean your air conditioner? By getting an professional tune-up, your air conditioner, ducts, and vents will stay in good shape. A yearly inspection could also uncover issues that otherwise may end up overlooked. Think about signing up for a maintenance service plan, too. These agreements provide other perks too, such as discounts, warranties, emergency repair assistance, and more.

Do you need your air conditioner cleaned or otherwise serviced? Beyer Air Conditioning & Heating in San Antonio, TX, could assist right away. Ask about our additional services, including air duct cleaning and repair and indoor air quality audits and solutions. Call our offices today for an estimate. We look forward to serving all your home climate comfort needs.

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